Wiccan Spells


Wiccan Spells

Wiccan spells are special spells and casts that are a part of the Wiccan religion. They are often called ‘Magick’ as well. These spells can differ based on the phase of the moon. In a word, these casts are used to make a person more powerful and happy. These casts are not evil, even though they are often misunderstood and some people think that they are “wicked” and that so are the practitioners… They are legal hence you do not have to fear any legal issues with the authorities.

The spells have been written by numerous persons practicing the Wiccan Pagan religion throughout history. Wiccans write their own spells and casts and hand them down by word of mouth. Sadly, many of the ancient texts with these magical spells were lost or destroyed. However, many have been preserved with the power of the word of mouth.

Basically, these casts are like a prayer with the use of special props. The rhymes can invoke and call for figures such as the “Lord”, but not the Christian Lord. They are used to use the power of the Wiccan God. They are not black magic or Idolatry, but some people think that they are similar to witchcraft spells.

While the majority of these “magickal” spells, rituals and “vibrational” formulas are very simple, some are quite hard. They are countless. What are they used for? They are normally used for love or money issues, as well as for healing. They can also be used to help your goals manifest themselves.

Wiccan spells and casts have been used for many centuries and are very popular today in 2012. Basically anyone can learn these spells and use them for their own benefit or the benefit of their friends, family and their loved ones.